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Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift in Florence & Ft. Thomas, KY Patients who have lost teeth in the upper premolar or molar areas of the jaw often require a sinus lift, or sinus augmentation, in order to have dental implants placed. This can be due to circumstances in which the bone in the...

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Ridge Preservation

Ridge Preservation in Florence & Ft. Thomas, KY When one or more teeth are extracted from the mouth, soft tissue and bone can begin to regress or collapse. Without the tooth root to stimulate it, the surrounding jaw bone will often begin to deteriorate shortly following the loss of a...

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Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting in Florence & Ft. Thomas, KY Dr. Ryan Estes offers bone grafting in Covington, KY, making it possible for many patients to receive dental implants who otherwise may not be eligible. There are three main types of bone grafts used to augment bone in the jaw, all of...

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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction in Florence & Ft. Thomas, KY Dental extractions are performed for a variety of reasons, including tooth decay, injury, infection, and for orthodontic treatment. Extractions are a relatively common procedure in most dental offices. The difficulty of the procedure varies depending on the case and the patient, however...

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What is a Dental Implant?

Dental Implants in Florence & Ft. Thomas, KY Dental implants have become the preferred method of tooth replacement for patients of Dr. Ryan Estes for good reason! They offer patients a highly successful, long term solution for replacing missing teeth in Covington, KY. Implants have less complications than their traditional...

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Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures in Florence & Ft. Thomas, KY Implant supported dentures are an alternative to traditional dentures that Dr. Ryan Estes often recommends to our patients. Implant supported dentures in Florence & Ft. Thomas, KY have a secure fit, so there is no concern for a loose fit or...

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Dental Implant Cost

Dental Implant Cost in Florence & Ft. Thomas, KY Dr. Ryan Estes often recommends dental implants to replace missing teeth because of their numerous health and aesthetic benefits. There are many factors that contribute to the overall cost of dental implants. Following is a list of the most common factors...

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