Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting in Florence & Highland Heights, KY

Dr. Ryan Estes offers bone grafting in Covington, KY, making it possible for many patients to receive dental implants who otherwise may not be eligible. There are three main types of bone grafts used to augment bone in the jaw, all of which are effective and offered by Dr. Ryan Estes.

The three types of dental bone grafting procedures offered are autogenous, allograft, and xenograft.

An autogenous bone graft is a procedure using bone taken from the patient. Bone is removed from one area of the body, usually the chin or another nonessential area, and placed in the site that needs to be augmented. The likelihood of infection and rejection are much lower than other types of bone grafts because the bone comes from the patient and still has active cellular material.

An allograft uses cadaver bone sourced from a bone bank. The material used is carefully screened and is considered very safe. The advantage to this procedure is that a second surgical site is not required.

A xenograft uses bone from nonhuman sources. Typically, the bone is taken from a bovine, or cow, source and also does not require a second surgical site for the patient.

The procedure requires Dr. Ryan Estes to make an incision where the bone will be augmented. In the case of an autogenous graft, a second incision is made where the bone will be extracted. The extra bone material is then placed in the area needing augmentation along with marrow and possibly bone grafting material to ensure fusion between the new bone and the existing bone. The incision is then closed with stitches.

Dr. Ryan Estes will give you a soft food diet to follow, antibiotics, and possibly pain medication during the healing process. The healing process usually takes six to nine months. After completely healing, Dr. Ryan Estes can place your dental implants.

Do not let diminished bone density keep you from the benefits of dental implants. Call Dr. Ryan Estes today to schedule your examination for a dental bone graft in Covington, KY!

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