FAQ for Doctors

  • Complete the Referral Form
    • This form can either be hand delivered by the patient to our office, Or it can be faxed or emailed over to the office.
  • Your dental office or the patient can call to schedule the appointment for the patient
    • When you call, we will ask for the following information:
      • Patient Name, Date of Birth, Preferred Phone Number, Email
      • Reason for the appointment
      • Who is the Referring Dentist?
      • Does it matter which Doctor you are scheduled with: Dr. Estes or Dr. Marlow?
      • Is there a day that is best for you?
      • Do you prefer morning or afternoon appointments?
      • Do you have access to a computer to fill out your New Patient forms
        • If NO, patient will need to arrive here 15 minutes early to complete forms.
  • This information can be found on the Periodontal Referral Guide form available for download.
  • Reason for Referral
    • Please specify the following:
      • Why the evaluation is needed:( periodontal disease, recession, Implant evaluation for desired restoration, periodontal status prior to restorative work, etc…)
      • Which teeth are involved: list teeth numbers if localized, or list generalized for multiple teeth
      • Implants: please specify your preferred implant system (Straumann or Nobel), and the planned implant restoration (ex. cement vs screw retained crown, implant overdenture vs. hybrid, etc.)
    • Full Mouth Radiographs
      • A full mouth series of radiographs are needed to properly diagnose periodontal conditions.
        • ** If an FMX is not available, or if radiographs are not diagnostic due to poor quality images or printed poorly, the patient will be scheduled for a full mouth series of radiographs at our office.
      • Digital radiographs are preferred. If digital radiographs cannot be sent, please print radiographs on photographic paper with an inkjet printer to ensure minimal loss of radiographic diagnostic information. Film radiographs are accepted and can be sent to the office; We can return them back to your office once we are done with them.
    • Photographs
      • If available, please send any digital dental photographs that may improve diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Digital Radiographs: Please send all recent digital radiographs electronically to our Florence and Highland Heights Team. If digital radiographs cannot be sent, please print radiographs on photographic paper with an inkjet printer to ensure minimal loss of radiographic diagnostic information.
  • Film Radiographs: Please send the films with the patient to bring with them to their appointment at our office.

Yes, we are trained to provide Moderate Parenteral and Enteral Sedation, also known as Conscious Sedation or “Twilight” Sedation. Moderate sedation is a drug-induced depression of the patient’s consciousness during which the patient can respond to verbal commands either alone or via light tactile stimulation. This type of sedation doesn’t require interventions to maintain a patent airway, and spontaneous ventilation is adequate. Cardiovascular function is usually maintained. This is not the same as General Anesthesia or Deep Sedation. However, a driver will be required for the patient.

We do provide limited 3rd molar/wisdom tooth extraction on a case by case selection. If the 3rd molar is near a vital structure such as the inferior alveolar nerve bundle, or too far superior in or above the maxillary sinuses, we will recommend that an oral surgeon remove the teeth instead.

Yes we can provide your patients a CBCT scan. Some referring dentist choose to only have us take a CBCT and then send the scan back to the referring dentist to review, while other referring dentists choose to have us review the patient scan for possible treatment or to confirm a tentative diagnosis.

If a patient requires Laser pocket reduction surgery or LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Protocol), the patient will be followed up by our office for a minimum of 6 months as part of the protocol. After the surgery, the patient will return for a 1 week post-op appointment and for a 1 month hygiene appointment. During this time, the patient is usually on a softer diet, and using a medicated mouthwash for oral hygiene in the treated areas. After this 1st hygiene appointment, every 2-3 months the patient will return for a subsequent hygiene appointment. At 6 months we will have a re-evaluation where periodontal charting is completed and we evaluate the patient’s healing response to treatment. Some patients may require longer follow up, upwards to 9-12 months since changes of improvement can still be seen during this time. After the final re-evaluation, the patient will be start alternating 3-4 month periodontal maintenance recalls between our office and the referring dentist’s office. If additional treatment is needed, we will address it at the re-evaluation appointment.

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