Dental Implant Cost

Dental Implant Cost in Florence & Highland Heights, KY

Dr. Ryan Estes often recommends dental implants to replace missing teeth because of their numerous health and aesthetic benefits. There are many factors that contribute to the overall cost of dental implants. Following is a list of the most common factors affecting the cost of dental implants in Florence & Highland Heights, KY.

• How many teeth are involved in the procedure?

When multiple teeth require replacement, the total cost of treatment is usually greater. Replacing multiple missing teeth requires extra time and materials for the procedure. Dr. Ryan Estes will also need to spend additional time before the procedure to evaluate the bone density in the areas where the implants will be placed. Adequate bone density ensures optimal success. In cases where there is not adequate bone density, a dental bone graft may first be necessary.

• Is there bone loss?

The existence of bone loss can affect the overall cost of a dental implant procedure. Dr. Ryan Estes cannot place the implants without a sufficient amount of bone in the jaw. Often, we find that in patients who have been missing their teeth for some time, bone loss has occurred. Dr. Ryan Estes may recommend a dental bone graft before the implant procedure, raising the overall cost.

• What type of procedure is being performed?

Dental implant technology is incredibly flexible and offers many different options for dental implants. The type of procedure that you and Dr. Ryan Estes choose will determine the cost of your treatment.

• Is a sinus lift required?

Similar to instances of bone loss, Dr. Ryan Estes may determine that a sinus lift is needed before the implant procedure. The cost for the extra procedure will impact the overall dental implant cost, much like the need for a dental bone graft.

• Is periodontal disease present?

If periodontal disease is present, Dr. Ryan Estes will likely recommend treating it before the implant procedure. Periodontal disease can affect the success of the implants. This is also a separate procedure that may affect your treatment plan.

• Are extractions needed?

If extractions are needed before the procedure, this can also affect the cost. The more extractions that are needed, the greater your cost may be.

Dental implants are an ideal tooth replacement option for many patients. To learn more about the cost of this option and determine if you are a candidate for dental implants in Florence & Highland Heights, KY, schedule your examination with Dr. Ryan Estes today.

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